Wallside Windows is based in Taylor, Michigan. Their most prominent selling point is that they are the factory. They not only install windows, they make them.

We are not sure why that’s important. They claim to eliminate the middleman, which, you would think, would lower the prices. But on comparison, we found the prices to be in the same ballpark as the rest.

Below are excerpts of reviews of Wallside Windows.

“Wallside uses a spiral balance system…not good! Also, be sure to read their 35 year warranty carefully, because you will need it in about 7 to 10 years. Especially if you purchase their “$189.00 installed” window.”

“Wallside came to install my windows but it was a independant contractor not wallside employee’s and the gap was more than the recomended 1/2 inch or less gap between the window pane and my window opening, some windows were more than 3/4 inch gap. To make a long story short, when I called wallside to address the issue I just got the run around the issue was never corrected and now I have massive condensation in all of my windows.”

“Before the installers left, they gave me a quick tutorial on how to open, close, and clean the windows and doors, handed me the keys, hauled away all of the old windows and debris, and cleaned everything spotlessly.  I was extremely impressed with the excellent job they did.”

“Our installers showed up on the 31st as promised. A crew of 5 started at 8:15 AM. and was complete, including cleanup, by 1:15 PM. with our 13 windows and 1 door wall. The installation was very professionally done. The crew really knew their business. We didn’t find anything that needed to be corrected. We were pleasantly surprised and quite pleased!”

Bottom line: Wallside seems to manufacture a quality product for the price, but the installation is a crapshoot. Some installers go out of their way to make sure the job is done right and you are happy, while others are just in a hurry to get done and get out of there.