According to the Better Business Bureau, Majic Windows is an accredited company based in Wixom, Mi. Majic has demonstrated a willingness to work with the BBB on any matters presented by the BBB.

That’s good. But here are what some of the reviewers are saying.

“Threatening to sue a senior citizen and recent widower. They gave my mother the 4 hour sales pitch until she signed. Had to hire an attorney to get them to cancel.”

“Had someone from Majic come to my house to schedule an estimate. We scheduled one for yesterday and they never showed!!!”

“They were installed in 2001 and they have always been drafty and hard to open and close because they always go off track. I have had them out several times for a service call to find out why they are so drafty that I have to put plastic on the windows every winter to keep the cold winter air out.”

Bottom Line: In all fairness, we always try to include positive reviews with the negative reviews. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any.

Of course that doesn’t mean they are not out there and that many folks haven’t had a good experience with Majic. As with all things, do your research before making a commitment.