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Window Companies In Michigan

Michigan homeowners know that severe weather changes can happen in an instant. Don’t like the weather? Wait 5 minutes.

Whether it’s the hot and humid summer season or the frigid, windy winter months, so much of your indoor comfort depends on your windows. Old drafty windows not only affect your comfort, but also cost more in energy bills.

But when it’s time to replace those worn out windows, who do you turn to? There are numerous window companies in Michigan to choose from.

You are probably familiar with the big, high budget companies. You see their commercials all the time. But are they the best ones? And which ones are the best? What about hiring a smaller company?

One of the curiosities of home window companies or any installation company, for that matter, is that the big companies often hire the little companies to do the work for them. Most do not have their own crew of employees. They outsource it to someone else. So installation can be a crapshoot.

We scoured the Internet to find the scoop on some of the better known companies and what average consumers were saying about them. You can find reviews, both good and bad, all over the Internet. We just put a few of them in one place to make it easier for you.

Some other places to find reviews are:

In the end, opinions are just that, opinions. Everybody has one. We have provided you with a starting place, but ultimately, it’s up to you to do your research.

So take a look around at what is being said about the various Michigan window companies and then make your own judgment.

Majic Windows Review

According to the Better Business Bureau, Majic Windows is an accredited company based in Wixom, Mi. Majic has demonstrated a willingness to work with the BBB on any matters presented by the BBB.

That’s good. But here are what some of the reviewers are saying.

“Threatening to sue a senior citizen and recent widower. They gave my mother the 4 hour sales pitch until she signed. Had to hire an attorney to get them to cancel.”

“Had someone from Majic come to my house to schedule an estimate. We scheduled one for yesterday and they never showed!!!”

“They were installed in 2001 and they have always been drafty and hard to open and close because they always go off track. I have had them out several times for a service call to find out why they are so drafty that I have to put plastic on the windows every winter to keep the cold winter air out.”

Bottom Line: In all fairness, we always try to include positive reviews with the negative reviews. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any.

Of course that doesn’t mean they are not out there and that many folks haven’t had a good experience with Majic. As with all things, do your research before making a commitment.

Wallside Windows Review

Wallside Windows is based in Taylor, Michigan. Their most prominent selling point is that they are the factory. They not only install windows, they make them.

We are not sure why that’s important. They claim to eliminate the middleman, which, you would think, would lower the prices. But on comparison, we found the prices to be in the same ballpark as the rest.

Below are excerpts of reviews of Wallside Windows.

“Wallside uses a spiral balance system…not good! Also, be sure to read their 35 year warranty carefully, because you will need it in about 7 to 10 years. Especially if you purchase their “$189.00 installed” window.”

“Wallside came to install my windows but it was a independant contractor not wallside employee’s and the gap was more than the recomended 1/2 inch or less gap between the window pane and my window opening, some windows were more than 3/4 inch gap. To make a long story short, when I called wallside to address the issue I just got the run around the issue was never corrected and now I have massive condensation in all of my windows.”

“Before the installers left, they gave me a quick tutorial on how to open, close, and clean the windows and doors, handed me the keys, hauled away all of the old windows and debris, and cleaned everything spotlessly.  I was extremely impressed with the excellent job they did.”

“Our installers showed up on the 31st as promised. A crew of 5 started at 8:15 AM. and was complete, including cleanup, by 1:15 PM. with our 13 windows and 1 door wall. The installation was very professionally done. The crew really knew their business. We didn’t find anything that needed to be corrected. We were pleasantly surprised and quite pleased!”

Bottom line: Wallside seems to manufacture a quality product for the price, but the installation is a crapshoot. Some installers go out of their way to make sure the job is done right and you are happy, while others are just in a hurry to get done and get out of there.

Weathergard Windows Review


We were recently contacted by Weathergard Windows of Oak Park, Mi. It seems that there has been a little confusion between Weathergard of Michigan and WeatherGuard of Indiana.

We humbly admit our error and have edited this page to rectify that error.

Weathergard Windows is located in Oak Park Mi. As with any company, reviews can go to extremes. Some think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, while others feel they are out to destroy their lives. The truth is usually somewhere in between.

“My new windows are beautiful! They have already saved me money on our electric bill as well! The installers were extremely polite, friendly and knowledgeable! I was concerned about the mess but Weatherguard actually left my home cleaner than when they started-NO JOKE! The price was exceptional and the quality of their product is too! This wasnt my first call to a window company but it was my last- they out did their competition! I have already recommended them to many of my friends! I even was so impressed that I called to talk to the owner himself..which I actually got to do! Keep up the nice work Weatherguard!”
–krista from Yahoo Local

“Weathergard installed a sliding patio door for us. Outstanding pricing, product and customer service. Would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.”
–KP from Yahoo Local

“Worst customer service I’ve ever had! The installers came to put in the windows and I noticed about a half hour after they arrived that my 2 labrador retrievers were missing. The installers had left the door open and my dogs got out. Turns out they were picked up by animal control and I had to pay $127 to get them back. When I returned with my dogs, I called the service department to express my concerns. I was told the installers were not responsible because my dogs were not secured. So, this time I put them in our fenced back yard. To my surprise about an hour later, a woman from the neighborhood brought my dogs back to the house because they got out AGAIN! The fence door wasnt latched…and guess who didn’t latch it? The installers! When I got ahold of customer service again, they criticized me for not having a job (not sure what that has to do with anything) and said I had no common sense and was irresponsible and that I should have been supervising my dogs the entire 11 hours they were here. The installers needed to be supervised! We paid $4000 for windows, and they had a fit about refunding me the $127 that was needed to get my dogs back. I am totally disgusted with this company! Now we are stuck with this company if we ever need work done on the windows. I’m sure I’ll get the fabulous (right!) customer service that I got during the initial install. Update: Weathergard originally said they would (after a LONG battle) reimburse me $60. When my check never came in the mail, a phone call to them revealed that they were not going to send me the $60 because of the review I posted. Obviously you cannot trust what they say and they are trying to scare me into removing my review. I feel it is more important for customers to know the truth about their poor customer service. I would have never posted a negative review if they would have just had good customer service in the first place and taken care of this issue in a respectful manner.”
–Amanda from Yahoo Local

“We hired Weathergard to install new windows in our home. We could not be happier with the level of service that we received at all stages of our experience. The sales team was courteous and responsive and the installers were professional and tidy. I cannot say enough positive things about this company. In an age where it is difficult to put your trust in a contractor, Weathergard really stands out as a contractor with integrity. I would definitely use them again.”
–Lee K from Yahoo Local

“I had two sets of door walls installed by WeatherGard in September, 2007. The staff was professional, the workmanship was good and other than a latch problem that they came out and fixed, the door walls have worked beautifully over the past 18 months.”
–Tom G from complaintsboard.com

This company has the WORST customer service I’ve ever experienced! If you need to address any negative issues with this company, they will be very rude, demeaning, and disrespectful to you. When my family was looking at different window companies, we wanted one that had a great product AND excellent customer service. Guess we chose the wrong one! Should have gone with Wallside like we were originally going to.”
— MacDermaid19 from complaintsboard.com

Bottom Line: Although we hopefully have the right company and the right reviews this time, the overall concensus hasn’t really changed much. The reviews are hovering around 60-40 now instead of 50-50. Some reviews are glowing while others are scathing and we admit that most people are quite happy with Weathergard Windows (hopefully we spelled it right this time).

Hansons Windows Review

Hansons is well known throughout Southeast Michigan for much more than windows. They also do siding, roofing, and almost everything in between. They also have a very catchy jingle, but that’s another story.

Here is what some of the reviewers are saying about Hansons.

“My service request at Hansons Windows was promptly addressed in an efficient and competent manner. I was so happy to get an issue resolved quickly and to be treated with the utmost respect.”

“I had a sales representative come out for an estimate from Hansons Windows, and he was very professional and knowledgeable. I appreciated the fact that I didn’t feel like he was trying to hide anything.”

“For the love of god do NOT go with Hansons! We had a VERY VERY bad experience with them.”

“My old room mate had a horrendous experience with Hanson’s as well. He had one of the workers come in to use the bathroom for a few moments and he left it a total sty. Talk about the lack of professionalism.”

Bottom Line: I have had a personal experience with Hansons. Their sales rep was, shall we say, aggressive. It took me three hours to get him out of the house.

I didn’t go with Hansons, so I can’t speak for their quality or service. Do your research before you buy from anyone.